Hills Reliance VoiceNav Alarm System

Hills Reliance VoiceNav Alarm SystemThe Hills alarm system offers the latest technology in home and business security.

Can be programmed back to base, or to call your mobile phone in case of activation while you’re out.

The system comes with 2 years warranty on parts and 12 months on installation.

Hills VoiceNav Full Perimeter Alarm System

A full perimeter alarm consists of Alarm panel, motion sensors, and reed switches, making sure that every point of your home or business is secure and protected.

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What is a Reed Switch?

magnetic reed switchA reed switch is a magnetic device that is attached to your windows and doors. By adding reed switches to your security system you are able to have all your windows and doors activated, allowing you the freedom to walk around within your home feeling safe and protected any time of the day.

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Hills Reliance VoiceNav

Optional Extras

Pet Friendly Sensors

pet friendly sensorPet friendly sensors allow you to leave your pets at home in doors and still able to activate your alarm keeping your home, and pet safe.

Pet Pir specification

  • Pet Immunity up to 13 Kg
  • 12m wide angle
  • Mounting height 2.1 – 2.7m s

hard wired smoke sensorsHard Wired Smoke Sensors

Smoke sensors are installed with the alarm and monitored by the system. No need to keep replacing the batteries, as these smoke sensors are wired into the alarm system.

alarm remote

Alarm Remotes

Easy to use alarm remotes activate and de-activate the alarm by pressing a button.

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